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Don’t take our word for it…

We appreciate all of the feedback we are given. Please find below a small selection of comments we received from our latest feedback questionnaire filled in by the parents of children attending the Pre-School.
Cygnets always has a warm, inviting atmosphere for both children and parents alike. I’m confident my child is well cared for and safe while at Cygnets.
My child’s keyperson is amazing and i love that all 3 children that have attended Cygnets have all had the same Keyperson.
My child is a shy person however he has opened up since being at Cygnets. The staff encourage him to play and are super supportive of his extra needs regarding speech and language.
Our child loves Cygnets as did her big sister. Staff are always happy and friendly and the setting is like home from home. We will be really sad when our child leaves in September.
Cygnets is a fantastic preschool. Since my first child started at Cygnets in 2014 i have recommended Cygnets to all my local friends and mums i meet at groups. My second child is now at Cygnets and loves going. He even asked to increase his hours. Cygnets provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for children to learn through play. The ladies are fantastic at responding to children’s interests and their communication with parents is excellent. I have already registered our 1 year old for when she turns 2.
Cygnets is an outstanding preschool. My daughter loves to messy play and there is always something new for her to play and learn. She absolutely adores her Keyperson and whenever we get ready to go to preschool she always says how excited she is.