Key persons

Children thrive on a base of loving and secure relationships. At Cygnets Preschool your child will be assigned a key person who is a named member of staff with responsibility to help your child to feel safe and secure. This role is an important one and the Key person has a duty to respond sensitively to the children’s feelings and behaviours and to meet the emotional needs of you child, by giving reassurance and supporting their well being. That key person is a familiar figure who is accessible and available as a point of contact, for you, the parent/carer, therefore building a firm parent partnership.
“Environments are not just physical spaces because they are the atmosphere created through warm and caring relationships, where children are respected and valued, and their well being comes before anything else.”

Buddy System…

The idea of a buddy group is that a member of staff will always oversee your child and their needs whilst they attend Cygnets. One member of staff will oversee your child’s learning journey, help support your child to settle in to the routines, encourage them to make friendships and support them to have fun and achieve their potential. This person is known as the keyperson. At Cygnets we have a buddy system to enable your child to have an allocated member of staff at all times whilst they are at Cygnets, for those times when your key person is not available whilst your child attends, for example a staff member’s day off. Making sure their key needs are always met, the child will feel secure and the partnership between adult and child is embedded through our practice from the start. This also allows excellent continuity of care for your child, something we firmly believe in at Cygnets.

“Children flourish in this extremely welcoming and inclusive

pre-school. They are

greeted by highly enthusiastic staff who put the children's

welfare and

development at the centre of all they do. Children are safe and

secure. They have

exceptional bonds with all staff members.”

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Our Approach…

Learning is even more fun when you

do not know you are learning…

At Cygnets we consider ourselves as early childhood educators who provide exciting and engaging learning activities that provide key learning objectives for all children that are both fun and fuel a desire to explore and embed the child’s learning, providing a platform of early skills for the children to develop. Cygnets provide an environment with a balance of child led play and choices, where their thoughts, processes and choices are heard and recorded, as well as adult led activities to ensure all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are covered. Very importantly the children influence the activities with staff close by supporting and extending the children’s learning at all times.
“For a small child, there is no division between playing and learning, between the things he or she does, just for fun and the things that are educational. The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play”. Peneolpe Leach
Early Years Matters