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The Committee

“You don’t need any direct experience to make a


We are a registered charity run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents of children attending the Pre-School. The Committee work in partnership with the staff to ensure the smooth running of the Pre-School. The Committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee are: Chair: Alex Reynolds Secretary: Kitty Cole Treasurer: Daniel Denaro Committee members: Nicole Sheppard, Jaime Awdry and Jordan Daykin We depend very much on the goodwill of parents and their involvement with Cygnets. Put simply, without the Committee, the Pre-School would not be able to operate. Working behind the scenes, the Committee is responsible for: •   Supporting the senior staff in managing the Pre-School finances and personnel •   Making sure that the Pre-School has – and works to - policies which help it to provide a high   quality service •   Making sure that the Pre-School works in partnership with the children's parents •   Supporting fund-raising. Who is needed on the Committee and can you help? Up to 12 people make up the Committee at any one time and all volunteers bring a range of invaluable skills to the team. Both mums and dads are very welcome and no direct experience in childcare is required, just enthusiasm, a bit of time and a willingness to support Cygents in all its endeavours. Committee members past and present have backgrounds in a huge range of industries – management, transport, secretarial, finance, marketing and more, as well as having worked with children in a variety of roles. The important thing is, you don’t need any direct experience to make a difference. The Committee meets a minimum of three times a year, usually on a weekday evening, with other discussions taking place via online forums in between meetings. All committee members must be DBS checked upon joining and safeguarding training is provided. This supports our safeguarding procedures currently enforced within the setting. We are always looking for new Committee members and although most join at the AGM, anyone is welcome to offer support at any time during the year. The Committee are also very happy to answer questions from current and prospective parents. Please get in touch by e-mailing committee@cygnetspreschool.co.uk  We appreciate all your support.
“Children have endless opportunities to use their imagination and develop excellent social skills. They take it in turns to order food in the 'restaurant' using good manners. They write for a purpose as they take on the role of a waiter or waitress, writing the customer's order on their notepad. Children laugh and giggle together.” OFSTED 2020