Our Mission…

Our Cultural capital is apparent in our everyday practice and links to the British Values which in turn supports the Prevent Duty.  We support all children at Cygnets to achieve their potential, modeling language, sharing stories and singing songs to support the acquisition of language which is vital for effective learning. All of these are foundations to effective learning later in life.
At Cygnets we offer a safe, stimulating and challenging environment for all, using open ended resources to evoke curiosity and imagination. Children develop positive attitudes towards learning through free play experiences, supported by nurturing practitioners, who value children as unique individuals and provide a holistic home from home environment. By watching, waiting and wondering, practitioners engage with children looking for ‘teachable moments.’ Children’s learning, development and experiences happen on a moment by moment basis. In this moment there is curiosity and interest for the child and for us this becomes that ‘teachable moment’ that the experienced practitioner then uses to facilitate learning.  We provide the roots for successful attitudes to learning through acknowledgement of mutual respect and tolerance and encouraging children to use conflict resolution strategies. All children’s voices are heard by giving them choices and valuing their opinion. Every child’s beliefs, values and opinions are respected, celebrated and appreciated through our practice. Children benefit from free flow to the outdoor environment all day, every day with our all-weather; ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’ philosophy. Our risk play ethos, which is supported by robust policies, procedures and practitioner knowledge, benefits children’s experiences and learning, offering opportunities to problem solve and embed a ‘have a go’ attitude. Cygnets dynamic team are advocates for our profession who strive for best practice, high quality care and with a commitment to staff development. Cygnets recognises the importance of a working partnership with our parents, our families, other professionals and our community, to provide an inclusive accessible setting for all. Our curriculum intent at Cygnets reflects the characteristics of effective learning. All staff recognise the importance of these for children to flourish, feel safe and be happy learners.
Intent: Characteristics of effective learning Implementation: In the moment planning Impact: Progress in learning
“Staff have high expectations of all children. They provide an exceptionally nurturing and engaging environment where children purposefully explore and investigate their surroundings, showing extremely high levels of emotional security. Managers and staff extend and enhance children's life experiences and learning through skilful interaction.” OFSTED 2020
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